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About the Square

Hsin Yi Family Square is a brand new playspace created for children. Every area has a theme like a jungle, the countryside, a market, family space and etc. The use of natural materials, creative games and self exploration are meant for children to use their senses and imagination. The Square is the only SP (Safety Playground) certified physical fitness place for children in Taiwan. Exciting and safe, the Square is the best playground that combines arts, crafts and physical activities for early childhood development.


Jungle Adventure, Play House, Toddler Zone, Creative Tabletop Games and Little Drivers Area


1F., No. 51, Sec. 2, Chong-qing South Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City
(The Square is inside Hsin Yi Building, next to the Postal Museum, close to exit 2 of the Chiang-Kai Shek Memorial Station.)


Extension 1588

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday (Closed on Monday)

Session Times
120 minutes per session
1st Session 10:00~12:00
2nd Session 12:30~14:30
3rd Session 15:00~17:00

Note: Session times wiil be announced separately in July and August.


(1) Admission: children aged 1 to 6 only.
(2) Prices:
★NT$250 per session per child.
★Free admission for one accompanying adult.
★Each additional adult + NT$100

Reminders before entry:

(1) Children aged 7 and above are NOT allowed to enter.
(2) Children under 12 months old are NOT recommended to enter.
(3) Children who present disability identifications are entitled to purchasing admission tickets at discounted price NT$125 per child.
(4) Accompanying adults must be over 20 years old and must look out for the children at all times. Leaving children uncared for on the premises violate article 32 of the Children and Youth Welfare Act in Taiwan.
(5) Proof of age is required for children taller than 120cm. A foreign national is required to provide a valid visa (or an alien resident certificate).
(6) Every parent child activity requires online registration prior to entry.
(7) All facilities have passed safety assessments. Parents should assume full responsibility for children's safety. Guidance and accompanying is required at all times.
(8) The closure of the Square for any specific maintenance and private events will be announced beforehand on the Facebook.

Reminders for Public Health and Etiquette

(1) Before entering the Square, make sure that you have used the toilet, everyone’s hands are washed and sterilized, and temperature checked. Anyone with body temperature higher than 37℃ (98.6°F) or any detectable symptoms associated with flu, fever, cough or allergies must not enter the premises to prevent more infections.
(2) Shoes and slip-proof socks with rubber soles are strictly prohibited inside the facilities. Parents must wear socks.
(3) Being barefoot inside the facilities is the best for children’s safety. Parents must keep the children safe when they enter and play with socks on.
(4) No outside books, newspapers, toys, drinks (be it in water bottles or feeding bottles), diapers or pets are permitted in the facilities.
(5) Backpacks may stand in the way of interacting with children and may bump other children accidentally. Only small backpacks are allowed in the area. Backpacks bigger than A4 paper size can be stored in the coin-operated locker (NT$10 per time and refundable). Any loss of the locker key will result in a fine of NT$250.
(6) Mind your own personal belongings. The Square is not responsible for safe-keeping personal belongs. Waist packs can be borrowed at the service counter.
(7) A drinking fountain is in the rest area and a diaper changing station in the restroom. Direct your need for a breastfeeding room to our service staff.
(8) Contact our service counter when children wet the pants, vomit or feel unwell.
(9) Taking photos of other children would violate the Personal Data Protection Act in Taiwan.

Security Rules

(1) Remind your children to share toys with others to avoid conflicts.
(2) Remind your children not to yell or shout, not to run or chase others, or do anything that may affect other people.
(3) Do not climb up any desks or put toys in the mouth.
(4) Do not push one another when using the slide. Wait in line and go down feet first.
(5) Only toddlers, no adults, are allowed in the ball pool.
(6) Do not throw balls out of the ball pool. Passers-by may step on the balls accidentally and fall over.
(7) Children can ride car for 10 minutes at most. Climbing up the cars or sitting on the car's roof is not permitted. Each car is designated for ONLY ONE child to ride.
(8) The Square has the right to refuse admission to anyone displaying disruptive behaviors to other parents and children.


★ Taipei Metro: The Hsin Yi Family Square is 10-minute walk from Exit 2 of the Chiang-Kai Shek Memorial Station. Walk west-ward along Nanhai Road after stepping out of the metro station and turn south on Chong-qing South Road.
★ Parking: Street parking or use the Yangde Building Parking Garage (No. 5, Section 1, Nanchang Road).